I'm Here Because...
A loved one has passed away.You may need help sorting through the lengthy probate process.
We don't have a Will.Wills ensure your property and assets are distributed according to your wishes.
I need some help.A lawyer can guide you through this emotional process.
We can help you plan your estate.

The Process of Probate

The first step in probate administration is to publish a notice of administration and a notice to creditors so that they can notify the estate of any outstanding loans or debts. Then, a personal representative files tax returns on behalf of the estate to ensure that all appropriate taxes are paid. After all debts or taxes have been paid, the personal representative then distributes the remaining property or assets to beneficiaries.

While the probate process sounds simple, it is extremely complex, especially when there is no will or a poorly drafted will. The guidance of an experienced and compassionate probate attorney will help you navigate this system while minimizing your stress.